Advantage, Serve, Volley: Mastering the Fundamentals of Tennis

Tennis, a sport that has been around for centuries, is one of the most popular games in the world. The outcome of a tennis match mainly depends on how skillfully a player can execute the three fundamental tennis moves – Advantage, Serve, and Volley.


At the outset, you might find it strange that “Advantage” is considered a fundamental move of tennis. However, the term “Advantage” refers to a player’s position in the game. When a player wins a point, they earn an advantage. Winning two points consecutively from this position awards them the game point. If a player loses a game point, they revert to an advantage state, and the cycle continues until somebody wins.

In other words, having an “Advantage” in tennis is an opportunity to win the game. Therefore, it is crucial to capitalize on the advantage.


The Serve is arguably the most critical aspect of tennis and determines the course of the match. It is a fundamental move that can make or break the game. The Serve involves hitting the ball from behind the baseline into the opponent’s service court on the other side of the net.

A serve can be classified into different types, including the flat, the slice, the topspin, and the kick serve. Each serve has its unique benefits and challenges. Professional players also employ different techniques to confuse their opponents and gain the upper hand.

Perfecting your serve requires hours of practice, good technique, and a steadfast mindset. It is the player’s go-to move in tennis, which can be used to target the opponent’s weaknesses and create an opening for a winning shot.


The Volley is a skillful move that involves hitting the ball before it bounces on the court. It is a quick and precise action that requires good techniques.

During a Volley, the player is closer to the net and needs to make quick decisions. Executing the right Volley can surprise the opponent, leading to an easy point win. However, it is essential not to rush the shot and lose a valuable point.

Like the Serve, the Volley requires a great deal of practice to master. Understanding the different types of Volleys, such as the drop, the drive, and the lob, can give you an upper hand on the court.

In conclusion, Advantage, Serve, and Volley are three fundamental tennis moves that every tennis player must master. Players who are good at these fundamental moves can easily win over their opponents and enjoy the game. With constant practice and a solid understanding of these techniques, you can also improve your game and become a skilled tennis player. So, go ahead, practice, and strive to be the next tennis champion!

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